Mapping the Movement of People & Materials

Maiya Aiba, Camile Cleveland, Jennifer Simpson, Alexandra Wisner, Fiona Xin
Spring 2015

In Introduction to Art History with Caroline Bruzelius, students learned about the History of Art from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. A significant part of the course concerned mapping the transportation of raw materials as well as objects acquired through colonial expropriation. For their final projects, students in the course developed Neatline projects in which they mapped the development and trade of materials used in ancient and Medieval artistry within historic, social, and geographic contexts. The following projects are examples of exemplary student projects:


Maiya Aiba – Athenian Use and Acquisition of Timber in the Ancient Mediterranean

Camile Cleveland – Athenian Temples

Jennifer Simpson – Mapping the Materials and Construction of the Pyramids of Giza

Alexandra Wisner – History and Development of Greek Coinage in the Mediterranean

Fiona Xin – History and Movement of Lapis Lazuli


Access all of these projects here.