The Lives of Things

Using new technologies to reconstruct contexts and meanings of places, spaces, and objects
Caroline BruzeliusMark Olson
Fall 2012 - present

The goal of the “Lives of Things” project is to create new interactive displays and hybrid digital/physical exhibition platforms that reconstruct thelocation, color, and meaning of works of art in the collections of the Nasher Museum of Art.  A wide range of interests and interdisciplinary expertise are sought for this project, from Art History and Visual & Media Studies to Computer Science and Engineering. Students will work in teams in close collaboration with professors and graduate students or post-docs, learning an array of techniques and technologies that include the following: 3d modeling and acquisition using laser scanning and photogrammetry, geospatial mapping, augmented reality, gaming platforms, projection mapping, spatial analysis, data visualization, web or app design, writing, graphic design, database design and management, computer programming, interactive sensors and gesture recognition interfaces such as the Kinect and Leap Motion.

Check out a preview (right) and demonstration (below) of the tablet interface that currently features in an exhibit at the Nasher. This app enables visitors to digitally recolor medieval statues in the Nasher’s collection in order to see for themselves how the statues might have originally appeared.






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