Senses of Venice

Kristin Huffman & Brad Lewis

This project brings to life the first accurate map of Venice produced in 1729 by Ludovico Ughi. Printed in sections, it included sixteen vignettes of notable sites and a legend of important locations within the city. Sold to visitors, especially those coming to Venice as part of the Grand Tour and lavish parties of Carnival, this map was printed in a transportable album format that could be cut out and reassembled upon arrival back home. Working with the document in its original format, the team will animate and contextualize the newly acquired version at the Rubenstein Library at Duke University. The map and its story will form the centerpiece of an exhibition in 2019 at Duke Libraries that celebrates the collection’s rare Venetian books.


Lizzet Clifton

Noah Michaud

Angela Tawfik

Mary Kate Weggeland

Cristina Zago

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Senses of Venice: Lavish Parties, Great Conversations and Lots of Canals