Annie Haueter

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2017 | Major in Computer Science, Minors in Economics & Art History

Annie Haueter is a senior from San Francisco, California who is majoring in Computer Science with double minors in Economics and Art History. Annie first came into contact with the Wired! group after participating in Kristin Lanzoni’s seminar Mapping and Modeling Venice her freshman year. She spent the semester researching the abandoned church of Sant’Anna, and her work culminated in a 3-dimensional recreation of the structure and its interior. Annie joined the Wired! lab as a fellow the following summer and has worked on the VIVA project under Dr. Lanzoni ever since. Her early work on the project involved cataloging and researching Venetian palaces, and she is now developing animations of the Jacopo de’Barbari map of Venice to be displayed on the final interactive atlas. After she graduates, Annie will be returning to San Francisco to start work as an Automation Engineer with Apple Inc.



A Portrait of Venice

Venice Interactive Visual Atlas