Troyes Cathedral: Stained Glass

Brad Lenz, Henrietta Miers, Crystal Terry, and Hanna Wiegers
Spring 2015 | Project Website

This project concerns a piece of 13th Century stained glass from the Brummer Collection in the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. The scene, of which only half remains in the hands of the Nasher, depicts God instructing Adam and Eve at the tree of knowledge. This fragment is in poor condition; its structure is damaged, and its color is dimmed. Our handling of the object was limited, which limited our ability to directly infer the original colors from the piece itself. In order to better understand what the piece may have looked like in its original location within the Saint Pierre-Saint Paul Cathedral at Troyes, we created a digitally recolored version of the window and positioned it in a 3D model of the cathedral.