Visualizing Objects, Places, and Spaces: A Digital Project Handbook

Beth Fischer & Hannah Jacobs
2019-present | Project Website

Beth Fischer (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities at the Williams College Museum of Art) and Hannah Jacobs (Digital Humanities Specialist, Wired! Lab, Duke University) have set out to gather and share this information with researchers and instructors in the early stages of digital project development. The outcome-in-progress is a peer-reviewed open resource we are designing to fill the gap between platform-specific tutorials and disciplinary discourse in digital humanities.

This web publication offers

  • guidance on workflows, resources, and computational principles;
  • topics applicable to many types of projects, including that arise in archival, dimensional, narrative, quantitative, spatial, temporal, and network visualization projects;
  • modular, downloadable content, allowing users to build custom annotated guides.