Tara Trahey

Humanities Writ Large Fellow
Class of 2015 | Major in Visual Arts/Art History & European/Italian Studies, Minor in Classical Civilization

I graduated from Duke in 2015 with a double major in Visual Arts/Art History and European and Italian Studies, minoring in Classical Civilizations. At Duke, I completed an honors thesis entitled: “The Woman on the Bull: An Iconographic Case Study of the 6th century BCE Athenian Vase Trade.” In 2016, as a continuation of my long-term research project involving a vase from the permanent Antiquities collection at the Nasher Museum of Art, I published an article entitled, “Trademarks and the Dynamic Image: A Step to Visualizing Patterns in Imagery Movement from Athens to Etruria” in the Archaeological Institute of America’s monograph series, The Consumer’s Choice: Uses of Greek Figure-Decorated Pottery. My research for this project concerned the ways in which digital tools elucidated connective relationships in the vase trade between Athens and central Italy. I was also a founder of DUMA—Duke Union for Media & the Arts—our department’s first undergraduate union.

After graduating from Duke, I received a full fellowship to study at the University of Oxford, thanks to the generous Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in the Humanities. I completed my Master of Studies in Classical Archaeology in 2016. I am currently a first-year PhD candidate in Art History and Archaeology at the Institute of Fine Arts. In my first three years I will take coursework in a variety of art historical sub-fields, before beginning my doctoral research.

Publications & Presentations

Trahey, Tara M. “A Black-Figure Vase in the Nasher Museum: Visualizing an Iconographic Network between Athens and Vulci in the 6th Century BCE.” BA Graduation with Distinction thesis, 2015.