Stone Mathers

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2019 | Major in Computer Science

I am a junior pursuing a BS in Computer Science. For years I have sought out magnificent architecture, such as the day I spent dragging my family throughout Barcelona to find every cathedral it had to offer. The field of digital art history and the opportunities of the Wired! Lab were introduced to me through Edward Triplett’s Medieval Castles of Europe course. I particularly enjoyed using 3D modeling software to recreate fortresses as well as to design and build my own (see Castillo de Setubal within the Modeling Medieval European Castles project). I am now continuing to expand my knowledge in the field through the Gothic Cathedrals course and as a URS Assistant on the Book of Fortresses project. Outside of the Wired Lab, I am a percussionist in the Marching & Pep Band and the Treasurer of Duke Club Running.


Book of Fortresses