Nikos Gkiokas

PhD Student in Art, Art History & Visual Studies

I am a PhD candidate focusing on Greek and Roman Art/Archaeology. My main area of interest is Archaic Greek sculpture and architecture. Other interests include cultural interactions in the late Bronze Age and Iron Age Mediterranean, ancient religiosities in the Aegean and Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to Christianity, reception of antiquity in the medieval Byzantine Empire and modern-day Greece, theory of art history and archaeology. I have worked and volunteered in various archaeological fieldwork projects (Azoria, Methoni, Meganissi, Gaudos, Eleftherna, Kos, Arcadia, Athens, Salamis, Piraeus, Agios Georgios, and Volos). Currently, I am working on the Digital Athens Project in the Wired! Lab.


The Art & Archaeology of Ancient Athens


Digital Athens