Nicola Lercari

Postdoctoral Associate & Co-Coordinator, Venice Virtual World

Nicola Lercari, Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke University where he investigates visualization technologies applied to the humanities, cross-media systems for museums, and 3D real-time environment for education and gaming. Nicola received his Ph.D. in History and Computing from the University of Bologna, Italy with a dissertation on the visualization of medieval urban spaces (developing the NuM.E. 2010 project, a multimodal simulation of Piazza di Porta Ravegnana and the cloth market Mercato di Mezzo in XIII century Bologna). Nicola has worked on several digital humanities initiatives both in Italy (CINECA supercomputing center and University of Bologna) and in the United States (University of California Merced and Duke University). Currently he contributes to the digital scholarship activities of the Wired! Lab as 3D visualization specialist (taking part to the Humanities Writ Large project Visualizing Venice Game). Nicola is also a founding member of the Dig@Lab, digital archaeology initiative, where he takes part in the international research projects 3D – Digging at Çatalhöyük (excavation and digital documentation of a Neolithic city in Central Anatolia) and Regium@Lepidi (reconstruction of the Roman city Regium Lepidi) as supervisor for laser scanning, digital documentation, and real-time visualization. He is also a member of the Visualization and Information System (VIS) research group where he works on 3D and immersive visualization projects at the DiVE (Duke Immersive Visualization System).


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Venice Virtual World