Jordan Noyes

MA in Historical and Cultural Visualization | Class of 2015
Class of 2014 | Major in Art History

Jordan Noyes is an MA student in the Historical and Cultural Visualization program. Her research interests focus on using digital technologies to visualize and analyze traditional art historical research. Jordan has collaborated on many Wired! lab projects including Visualizing Venice and Digital Athens, learning to work with Omeka, Neatline, and QGIS/ArcGIS, while still using archival research methods. This exposure to the Wired! projects led her to an undergraduate thesis that looked at the representations of street art in archives, how ephemeral art is remembered, and the importance of space to street art through a written paper and visual map/timeline.

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Augmenting Urban Experiences

Digital Athens

Duke/Durham Ghosts

Visualizing Venice

Publications & Presentations


Noyes, Jordan. “Archiving Ephemerality: Digitizing the Berlin Wall.” MA dissertation, 2015.