Jessica Pissini

MA in Historical and Cultural Visualization | Class of 2015
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Jessica Pissini is a second year MA student in the Historical and Cultural Visualization program. She double majored at Penn State University, studying Integrative Arts/Visual Studies and Classical/Ancient History and Archaeology. After graduation, Jessica continued her position as a graduate assistant and site photographer on the Mendes Excavation team in Egypt through 2012. Now at Duke, she has been studying ancient and medieval art and architecture, and contributing to a handful of Wired! Lab projects. In January, Jessica worked with master sculptor Simon Verity and a team of students and professors to create a facsimile of a Nasher Museum artifact and to better understand the process of stone carving and traditional tools. Her MA thesis project, Decoding Artifacts, is a continuation of her work with Simon which explores ways to digitally research, visualize and learn about museum objects through virtual tools and applications.

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Pissini, Jessica. “Decoding Artifacts for the Museum Viewer: Case Study of a Virtue from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the Nasher Museum of Art.” MA dissertation, 2015.