Cosimo Monteleone

Researcher, University of Padua

Cosimo Monteleone is a researcher in Representation of Architecture and Descriptive Geometry at the University of Padua (IT). He is currently working on history of drawing and, in particular, in Renaissance perspective. He is a member of the international research collaborative Visualizing Venice ( Indeed, his interest focuses also in new technologies – digital survey, 3D modeling, multimedia outputs, and Augmented Reality – for displaying historical transformations of architecture and the city. He directed several digital and multimedia projects linked to historical and scientific exhibitions, for example: Piero della Francesca. Il disegno tra arte e scienza (Reggio Emila – IT – 2015) and Daniele Barbaro (1514-70). Letteratura, scienza e arti nella Venezia del Rinascimento (Venice – IT – 2016).

His several scientific essays focus on analysis and representation of architecture and art, and the application of science in art. He is also the author of a book titled Frank Lloyd Wright. Geometria e astrazione nel Guggenheim Museum published by Aracne in 2013.



Sta. Chiara Choir Screen

Visualizing Venice