Andrea Giordano

Professor, University of Padua

Andrea Giordano is a full professor at the University of Padova (IT), member of the VV – Visualizing Venice Steering Committee, and coordinator of the project’s interoperable 3D modeling and representation.

His research focuses on new tools for the visualization and multimedia representation of architectural and urban transformation, geometric-configurative interpretations of architectural surfaces, and representational codes for verifying landscape design. He is the coordinator of the Architecture and Engineering program at the University of Padova, where he heads the Laboratory of Drawing and Representation (LDR) and the Laboratory of Information Modeling (LIM) at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile ed Ambientale (ICEA). He is also responsible for the survey, representation, and digital rendition of the university’s campus. He has published several essays on the theory and history of methods of representation, dealing, most recently, with the use of ICT for research in the field of representation.



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