Fall 2017 Courses

Wired! Lab courses cover a range of art historical, historical, and visual & media studies topics. Each course integrates one or more digital visualization topics and/or projects that engage such methods as mapping, modeling, and digital storytelling. This fall, we are especially excited about our new Historical GIS course, new iteration of Gothic Cathedrals, and the new Visualizing Cultures course! Read on below to find out more. A list of all Wired! courses is also available here.

In this course, students work in teams of 3 to create a fictional cathedral. The “master builders” in this class learn a computer-design program to produce their cathedral plans and drawings appropriate in style and structure to the date and place chosen by the group. Projects are presented to a jury at the end of the semester and prizes are awarded for teamwork, project quality, and originality. Read more.

Instructor: Edward Triplett

Time & Location: TTh 11:45am-1:00pm | Perkins LINK 072 (Classroom 6)

Cross-listings: MEDREN 215

Class Attributes: ALP, CZ, CCI, R

Time & Location: TTh 11:45am-1:00pm | Perkins LINK 072 (Classroom 6)

Digital Tools & Techniques: 3D architectural modeling (Autodesk Fusion360) & 2D architectural drawing (AutoCad)

Residents of Venice, both individually and collectively, fashioned an image of the city as unprecedented and exceptional, accomplishing this in great part through art and architecture.  By considering a range of artistic patrons and their art commissions and a number of the most famous artists, this course will offer a broad picture of Renaissance Venice, its art, and society. A Wired! class, the semester-research project will include a digital visualization. Read more.

Instructor: Kristin Huffman Lanzoni

Cross-listings: MEDREN 390-01 | ITALIAN 390-02 | VMS 290-01

Class Attributes: ALP, CZ, CCI

Time & Location: TTh 11:45am-1:00pm | Smith Warehouse, Bay 10, A266

Digital Tools & Techniques: TBA

This is a beginner/intermediate Geographic Information System (GIS) course designed to help students design maps and spatial diagrams of historical subjects. The class emphasizes perspectives, procedures, and tools that are relevant to applications of GIS in humanistic disciplines. Although geared toward art history, students from any discipline are welcome. Read more.

Instructor: Edward Triplett

Cross-listings: ISS 315-01 | VMS 304-01 | ARTHIST 315-01

Class Attributes: STS

Time & Location: TTh 3:05-4:20pm | Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11 2nd Floor, Rm A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: digital mapping, GIS, data visualization, data structuring

What is image-based storytelling? How can history be done through images? What are design guidelines for digital visual narratives? Develop image-based presentations from historical sources. Guided by media theorist & designer of MIT Visualizing Cultures. Read more.

Instructor: Ellen Sebring

Cross-listings: DOCST 490S | AMES 490S

Class Attributes: CZ, CCI, R

Time & Location: Th 1:25-3:55pm | Smith Warehouse, Bay 9, A290

Digital Tools & Techniques: TBA

Interactivity and online content management through databases, collaborative blogs, and other systems. Data visualization based on textual, image, and quantitative sources. Basic techniques for virtual reality, simulations, augmented reality, and game-based historical and cultural visualization project development. Read more.

Instructor: Victoria Szabo

Cross-listings: ARTHIST 580S | ISIS 580S-01 | VMS 580S-01

Class Attributes: STS, ALP

Time & Location: Th 8:45-11:15am | Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: web design, content management systems, digital mapping, data visualization, 3D visualization, augmented reality

History, theory, criticism, practice of creating digital places and spaces with maps, virtual worlds, and games. Links to “old,” analog media. Virtual environment and world-building and historical narrative, museum, mapping, and architectural practices. Project-based seminar course w/ critical readings, historical and contemporary examples, world-building. Read more.

Instructor: Victoria Szabo

Cross-listings: ISS 660S

Class Attributes: STS, ALP, SS

Time & Location: T 8:45-11:15am | Wired! Lab (Smith, Bay 11, A233)

Digital Tools & Techniques: web design, content management systems, digital mapping, virtual reality, augmented reality