Medieval Castles of Europe

Fall 2019, Spring 2019, Spring 2018, Fall 2016


Edward Triplett

TUTH 10:05am-11:20am | Smith, Bay 11, A233

This course will examine the transition of Western Europe into a fortified landscape from the mid-11th century until the advent of large-scale artillery in the mid-15th century. The castles of Spain and Portugal will be discussed in greatest detail, but these will be supplemented by influential examples from other parts of Europe and the Near East. In addition to tracking technological and stylistic changes over time, this course will identify the discrete elements of fortification that were combined into a variety of castle plans. As a way of investigating these topics, students will digitally reconstruct a historical or imagined castle in 3D graphics at a specific place and time covered in the course.

Codes: CZ, STS


Modeling Medieval European Castles