Laura Moure Cecchini

Assistant Professor of Art & Art History, Colgate University
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I graduated from Duke University with a PhD in Art History in 2016. My area of specialization is the history and theory of European art of the 19th and 20th centuries, with an emphasis on art, photography, and design produced in Italy from the Unification to World War 2. I am currently writing my dissertation, in which I analyze how key Italian artists, critics, and art historians from the 1880s and up to 1945 invoked Baroque tropes to interpret the experience of Modernity. I am also interested in the artistic and cultural exchanges between Italy and Latin America, in particular Mexico and Argentina. I have a B.A. in Philosophy from Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City), and a M.Phil. in Philosophy from National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico City).


A Portrait of Venice

Venice Interactive Visual Atlas

Visualizing Venice

Publications & Presentations


Cecchini, Laura Moure. “The “Mostra del Quarantennio” and the Canon of Modern Art at the Venice Biennale in the Interwar Period,” Il Capitale Culturale, Studies on the Value of Cultural Heritage  “Museums and Exhibitions between WWI and WWII” 14: 223-252.


Di Stefano, Chiara, and Laura Moure Cecchini, “Between the Ephemeral and the Virtual: Reactivating Art Installations through Digital Reconstructions,” Panel Organization, College Art Association, Washington, D.C, February 3-6, 2016.


Moure Cecchini, Laura. “Reimagining the Baroque in Italian Modernism: From the fin-de-siècle to Lucio Fontana.” PhD dissertation, 2016.

Alan Carrillo

MA in Digital Art History/Computational Media

Alan Carrillo is an MA student in the Digital Art History program. His emphasis is on Medieval Art and Architecture. Carrillo received his BA in Art History from the University of California, Los Angeles.


Mapping German Construction

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MA Student Alan Carrillo on the Wawel, 3D Modeling, and Templar Typology

Niko Hobart

Niko Hobart

Undergraduate Research Fellow
Class of 2023 | Major in Computer Science, Minor in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Niko is a freshman from San Francisco and is currently pursuing a Major in Computer Science with a minor in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies (Chinese concentration). He is currently helping to construct an Agent Based Modeling system with the goal of running spatial humanities simulations through it.


Agent Based 3D Spatial Humanities Simulations

Elisa Castagna

Visiting Student, Building Engineering & Architecture, University of Padua

Elisa Castagna is a fifth-year student of five-years single-cycle degree in Building Engineering and Architecture at the University of Padua. During these four years at the university she has been focused on the study of engineering and architectural subjects, taking a close interest in the use of IT tools for the development of architectural models and in the field of construction process. She is currently working on the church of S. Chiara in Naples with Caroline Bruzelius and Lucas Giles, developing the theme of display of architectural models through the study of UNITY software and of BIM models’ transfer into virtual reality environments such as the Duke Immersive Virtual Environment.


Sta. Chiara Choir Screen

Ashley (Hojung) Kwon

Bass Connections
Class of 2021 | Major in Computer Science & Art History

Ashley (Hojung) Kwon is from Seoul, South Korea pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Art History. In the Wired! Lab, she builds 3D models of East Campus buildings as a member of the Building Duke project.


Building Duke

Eloise Cartwright

Humanities Writ Large Fellow
Class of 2014 | Major in Art History & French, Minor in Economics

I am a senior studying Art History and French, with a minor in Economics. I spent the fall semester of my junior year studying in Paris. I have spent the past few summers working in the art world, in both museums and auction houses, and I hope to work in this field when I graduate. Originally from London, I hope to stay in America for the foreseeable future.


Death, Burial, and Commemoration in Athens

Davide Contiero

Visiting Student, Building Engineering & Architecture, University of Padua

My name is Davide, I am 24. I am studying at University of Padua in Building Engineering and Architecture. I am learning how multimedia programs can improve the visualization and the building construction process. Especially in this last field I will focus my master degree thesis. I would like to develop programs which allow you to facilitate the building construction process. Here at Duke I am working on a Krakow project with Professor Jaskot investigating the plan of the city of the past through 3D programs.


Mapping German Construction

Anna Cunningham

Undergraduate Research Fellow
Class of 2020 | Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Anna Cunningham (Class of 2020) is an Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science double major. She is working with Professor Mark Olson to improve the web application for the Alife Arch.


Alife Arch

Alexandra Dodson

PhD Candidate in Art, Art History & Visual Studies | Graduated 2016
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Alexandra Dodson is a PhD candidate working with Prof. Caroline Bruzelius. Alexandra’s research is focused on the artistic and architectural patronage of the Carmelite Order in central Italy in the 13th and 14th centuries. She is interested in the use of digital technologies for the visualization of historic materials and is a contributor to Visualizing Venice, an international collaborative using technologies to illustrate the urban and architectural history of Venice. Alexandra received a BA in Art History with highest honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2006.



The Museum Inside Out

Rock, Paper, Chisel: The Materiality and Context of Medieval Art


Venice Interactive Visual Atlas (VIVA)

Publications & Presentations

Dodson, Alexandra and Erica Sherman. “Visualizing Venice.” Poster presentation. College Art Association Annual Conference. Los Angeles, CA. February 22-25, 2012.

Sherman, Erica and Alexandra Dodson. “Visualizing Venice: Tracking Historical Change with New Technologies.” ICERI (International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation). Madrid, Spain. November 14-16, 2011.


Dodson, Alexandra. “Mount Carmel in the Commune: Promoting the Holy Land in Central Italy in the 13th and 14th Centuries.” PhD dissertation, 2016.

Jessica Chen

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2020 | Planning to declare Double Major in Art History & Economics

Jessica Chen is currently a first-year studying art history and economics at Duke University. She is involved in the Alife Arch project with Professor Bruzelius, and works specifically on historical mapping. Jessica is interested in provenance studies and researches the classical collection at the Nasher Museum of Art.


Alife Arch App