Jimmy Zhang

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2017 | Major in Statistics and Computer Science

I currently work in project Visualizing Venice Virtual World as a research fellowship. My major job includes modeling churches, doing historical research.


Venice Virtual World

Zhuyun Zhang

Alta Zhuyun Zhang is a second year MA student in the Historical and Cultural Visualization program. She received her BA in Art History from the University of Hong Kong with a focus on Italian Baroque art, particularly on urban layout and architecture in relation to papal policy, and was awarded the Paul and Petra Hinterthur Prize for the final year student achieving the best result in Western art. During her summers Alta has worked as a curatorial assistant in Osage Gallery and as a research assistant for a Baroque art project about missionary activities in the seventeenth century China and Japan. Alta was granted travel funds for research trips to London and Japan. She also interned at Christie’s, Hong Kong Exhibition Center Gallery and did work shadow in University Museum. In her first year at Wired!, Alta worked in the project Kingdom of Sicily. She was responsible for building up the database by conducting research on the geographical information of medieval churches and monasteries in southern Italy. She also participated in the 3D modeling and mobile application design project of the Alife Arch, a medieval arch owned by Nasher Museum in Duke University. Alta is currently working on her thesis about a mapping project on pilgrims’ accounts in Venice.

Irene Zhou

Undergraduate Fellow
Class of 2020 | Major in English

Ailing Zhou (Irene) is a sophomore (expected graduation in May 2020) hailing from Singapore. I am an English major with a huge passion for the arts and art history. At Wired!, I am a part of the research team working on the project Paris of Waters.


Paris of Waters