Francis de Beixedon

Undergraduate Research Fellow
Class of 2023 | Undeclared

Francis de Beixedon is from Los Angeles with interest in political science, economics, and history. He was first introduced to Professor Jaskot as a member of the pSearch Pre-Orientation program and is excited to embark on his first exploration of humanities research at the Wired! Lab.


Digital Public Buildings in North Carolina

Daniel Castro

Undergraduate Research Fellow
Class of 2020 | Major in Civil Engineering (Structural Focus), Certificate in Architectural Engineering

Daniel Castro is a senior studying civil engineering with a certificate in architectural engineering. Daniel is working on the Book of Fortresses project with Professor Triplett and sees this project as the perfect opportunity to combine his engineering knowledge with his interests in architecture and history. Outside of this project, Daniel works with the American Society of Civil Engineers.


Book of Fortresses

Lilly Clark

Undergraduate Research Fellow
Class of 2022 | Major in Statistics, Minor in Visual Media Studies

Lilly is a classical musician and avid thrifter with a strong interest in design, documentary filmmaking, and art history. She was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, and hopes to further research the interaction of female self-image with oral traditions and modern media. She is studying Statistics, Visual Media Studies, and Arabic to investigate current migration trends and treatment of refugees, as well as to develop new, creative methods for narrative presentation.


Art of the Americas Interactive

Cyan DeVeaux

Undergraduate Research Fellow
Class of 2020 | Interdepartmental Major in Computer Science and Visual & Media Studies

Cyan DeVeaux is a sophomore at Duke pursuing an interdepartmental major between Computer Science and Visual & Media Studies. This interdisciplinary major reflects her interest in the intersection between technology, the humanities, and art. In the Wired! Lab, Cyan is part of the “Book of Fortresses” project with Dr. Edward Triplett. Outside of the lab, she works for Duke PepsiCo Education Technology and is marketing chair for Duke Wiring With Women, an undergraduate organization dedicated to supporting underrepresented groups in computing.


Book of Fortresses

Angelo Guo

Angelo Guo

Class of 2022 | Major in Computer Science, I&E certificate

Angelo is a sophomore from West Windsor, New Jersey pursuing a major in Computer Science and a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He’s currently working on an agent-based modeling system and helping to redesign the software infrastructure behind the simulation program. Outside of class, he loves dancing with Defining Movement.


Agent Based 3D Spatial Humanities Simulations

Elizabeth Baltes

Assistant Professor of Art History, Department of Visual Arts, Coastal Carolina University
| website |

Elizabeth Baltes received her PhD in Greek and Roman Art & Archaeology from Duke in 2016. Her research interests lie at the intersection of sculpture, politics, and public space in the Greek world. She has published on the changing statue landscapes of both ancient Athens and the sacred island of Delos. Her current project, tentatively titled, “Portraits of Honor, Monuments of Disrepute,” traces the practice of setting up public honorific portrait statues from antiquity to the present. Through a series of cases studies, it also examines the variety of responses to existing monuments when communities no longer wish to hold these individuals up as exemplars worthy of such honors. She is the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards, and her dissertation research was supported by the Archaeological Institute of America.



The Museum Inside Out



Building Duke

Death, burial and commemoration in Athens from antiquity to the late 19th century


Statues Speak

Publications & Presentations


Dillon, Sheila, and Elizabeth Palmer Baltes. “Honorific Practices and the Politics of Space on Hellenistic Delos.” American Journal of Archaeology 117 (2013): 207-46.

Book Chapters

Baltes, Elizabeth P. “Itinerant Statues? The Portrait Landscape of the Athenian Agora,” in Greek Art in Context, edited by D. Rodríguez-Pérez. Ashgate, in press.


Baltes, Elizabeth P. “Dedication and Display of Portrait Statues in Hellenistic Greece: Spatial Practices and Identity Politics.” PhD dissertation, 2016.


Baltes, Elizabeth P. “In the Round: Using Digital Technologies to Recontextualize Classical Sculpture,” University of North Carolina/Duke Classics Colloquium, Chapel Hill, NC. March 20, 2010.

Baltes, Elizabeth P. “The 3-D Model, Double-Spaced with 1” Margins: Reformulating the Digital Dissertation,” Panel Presentation, Digital Scholarly Communication – Notes from the Wired! Lab for Digital Historical Visualization, HASTAC 2011 Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, December 2, 2011.

Baltes, Elizabeth P. “Three Art Historians, a Computer Scientist, and a Digital Artist Walk into a Classroom…” Panel Presentation, Art Historians Interested in Pedagogy and Technology (AHPT), Annual meeting of the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC), Greensboro, NC. November 1, 2013.

Baltes, Elizabeth P. “A Critique of Digital Modeling,” Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology – Greece Conference, Rethymno, Greece. March 7-8, 2014.

Baltes, Elizabeth P., Caroline Bruzelius, Hannah L. Jacobs, and Timothy Shea. “Digital Thinking and Art History: Re-Imagining Teaching, Research, and the Museum.” Intermezzo Speaking Series, Art, Art History & Visual Studies. Duke University, Durham, NC. September 29, 2015.

Olson, Mark J.V. and Elizabeth P. Baltes, Erica Sherman, Victoria Szabo. “Digital Scholarly Communication – Notes from the Wired! Lab for Digital Historical Visualization,” HASTAC 2011 Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, December 02, 2011.

Brittany Forniotis

PhD Student in Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Brittany is a PhD student in Art History whose field of research is early modern architectural theory and practice in the Mediterranean, with a focus on intellectual exchange and connections to the history of science and medicine.  She received a B.A. with Honors in History and with Honors in Art History from Wake Forest University in 2015 (magna cum laude) and an M.A. in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Building Duke

Andrea Brucculeri

Andrea Brucculeri

Wired! Lab Assistant
MA in Computational Media
| contact |

Andrea Brucculeri is a first-year MA student in the Computational Media program. She received a BA in Media and Journalism with a focus in Interactive Multimedia from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The main focuses of her work are user experience design in virtual reality and video games. Her research and thesis will likely explore these topics as well as questions around gender and identity in immersive experiences. As technology becomes a more prominent part of the world every day, Andrea believes that designs should be built with human psychology and wellbeing in mind.

Hillman Han

Wired! Fellow
Class of 2021

My name is Hillman (Jiaye Han). I am a freshman and my potential major is Art History. I have practiced art for more than ten years with different techniques. My interests reach out to quite a lot of fields but my strongest one still lies in art and architecture.


Book of Fortresses

Emma Keaton

Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Trinity Class of 2022 | Major in Art History, Minors in Italian and Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Emma Keaton, Class of 2022, is pursuing a major in Art History and minors in Italian and Medieval & Renaissance Studies. Outside the Wired! Lab, she is involved with the Native American Student Alliance and the Duke Canine Cognition’s Puppy Kindergarten program, and works in the Reproduction Department of the Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library.


The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database